What is a passive income?


What is a passive income? A passive income is passive as opposed to active income, as the name suggests. You don’t really do something active to get an income. For example, you put money in the bank and collect interest. Buy shares and buy the dividends/prices. Write books or make money through advertisements. On these three examples, you earn money, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, you don’t get passive income without actively doing something about it. For interest and dividends, you have to raise money, this only happens if you have an active income. To get royalties, you have to write a book, writing is an active process.

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What is financial freedom?

What is financial freedom? Financial freedom is not reflected in the mass of money and is relative! However, this financial freedom can be defined on one factor: financial freedom means being able to live without work, whether it is with 500€ a month or with 5000€, that is up to everyone! The fact is that you can only achieve financial freedom in a few ways, inheritance, lottery winning or a passive income.

Because without an active income, you cannot build up passive income. Conversely, as passive income rises, financial freedom comes closer.

Anyone can earn a passive income

In my opinion, every person should have such a passive income. It is one of the most basic ways of taking and securing life. Just because today’s work is simply not safe. Every day something can happen, an unforeseen event. An emergency penny and a monthly cash flow from a passive source is then a real blessing. As a parent, you can open a junior deposit to your child and invest in a solid ETF with a monthly deposit of €25. The interest rate then does 18 years of work and the child has a firm foundation and you can sit back relaxed.

by working to passive income

And that’s another point why everyone should have a passive income. The time in this world is precious, every person works 40 hours or more a week, month after month, year after year. And this time is precious and we should all use it better than sitting in the office and working for someone else!

Examples of passive income:


Stocks and ETFs are a great way to generate a passive income quickly and without much work. You benefit from dividends and price increases. In times of 0 interest on savings books or daily money accounts, securities are the A and the O!


If, like me, you also have a rather creative vein, you can also make money with a blog. Whether it’s about a hobby, travel or short stories, you’ll find people in every niche who are interested in the same subject. However, unlike equities, making money is associated with a blog, with extra expense. Write texts, optimize SEO for search engines, charge for domain and hosting…

Affiliate Marketing

With Afilliate marketing you can also earn one or the other Euro. The reader/viewer never has additional costs when you click on Afilliate links, it is almost a win-win situation. The reader/viewer is presented with a product and the provider receives a commission for the successful purchase. But here too, less is more and work with a clear conscience.

What else can I find on this blog?

This blog isn’t just about how to just invest money, buy or rebuild from scratch. But also how to produce videos properly for YouTube or apply a real SEO for your blog, it may seem at first glance foreign to topics, but many examples of a passive income require people, traffic and visibility. So if you want to make money with your blog, the blog should be optimally prepared for search engines, which only then the readers come and only in this way a community builds up and thus the passive income.

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Passive income also visual

If you don’t want to read, you can also follow my YouTube channel, where it’s all about money, stocks and stock exchange. A fresh community is being created there, where we can take the visual path together. A small example pleasing?

Podcast: Listen rich

You’re on the move a lot but still want to be sprinkled on financial issues or you need boring topics to fall asleep? Perfect, Passive Income, Stocks and Economic Tohuwabohu are also available as podcasts. There are no limits here. I do this podcast with a friend, Felix B. Listen you richly arose through an idea that I had. Said done. In the meantime we have almost 100 listeners, which is very pleasing for us for a short time.

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